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Mike grew up on Long Island, New York in a small town called Baldwin.  He received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior in 1981, and later served as an elder and co-pastor of a Charlotte area church for about 10 years. He and his wife, Theresa, were married in 1988 and settled in the Charlotte area with their two children in 1995. 

Mike began his business experience working in his family’s insurance business, and then was an insurance agent for many years in the Charlotte area. As a commercial and personal insurance professional, Mike was able to save his clients millions of dollars.  In 2007, Mike obtained qualifications to provide financial advisor services, and the following year launched an insurance consulting firm. Today Mike is a general manager for a small and thriving business. Negotiating savings and sound fiscal management is ingrained in Mike, and is a much-needed ability in Washington.

In addition to his professional career, Mike wrote and produced a 2-part DVD series titled "The Bible Is Living Energy" (or simply, "Living Energy”). Soon after, he wrote the book "Tea For Three: What Every American Needs To Learn About The Tea Party Before It's Too Late”. Through his research for this book he discovered the depth of the economic mess that America faces. 

A picture of Mike and his family. Candidate Mike Steinberg with his son Michael; Theresa, his wife of 23 years, and daughter Rachel.